The Night Porter is a new group made up of four friends who share a love of ROCK songs and sounds of all sorts. Square peg anti-logic abounds. They live in different parts of the USA and all are in other projects, so when they get to come together as The Night Porter and play, it's extra cool. They gravitated to each other largely due to their common attraction to weird music ranging from violent, abstract improvisation to subtle melodic sound; from HARD ROCK to whispering, string driven ditties. What they're doing here in The Night Porter is primarily ROCK. A pulsing, screaming ROCK that sometimes turns inward and tiny clouds and unicorns run free, falling over cables and trying to make the peddles turn on. These are all new songs and an album is coming soon.

Singer and guitarist Carla Bozulich has lived in Los Angeles most of her relentlessly pixelated life. She's played in the Geraldine Fibbers, Scarnella and Ethyl Meatplow. She has had the fortune to play with superheroes from Lydia Lunch to Mike Watt to Nels Cline and some I can't remember or think I'll be bragging. Carla, um, yeah, has had the honor of recording with Willie Nelson on her re-telling of his seminal album/folktale "Red Headed Stranger." The remake is a secret favorite in the States and got some great press outside of the homeplace. A writer at the London Sunday Times said, "[Carla's] 'Red Headed Stranger' is reverent, revolutionary and essential" and chose the album as number one for 2003. Her second-most recent album, "I'm Gonna Stop Killing" caused Uncut Magazine in 2004 to call Carla "the missing link between Patti Smith and Marlene Dietrich." And the Washington Post called it "one of the year's most offbeat and moving albums." Her latest record, a duo with Ches Smith, drummer/ vibes, also of The Night Porter, is fabulously art-damaged, so you should pay it no mind. Aside from the country forays, in the last several years Carla has spent most of her creative energy on improvised music explorations. A few patient fans from the school of ROCK will get a big payoff with The Night Porter - song after song after bitchin' song.

Jessica Catron plays cello, bass and sings in The Night Porter. She's a native of South Dakota but now lives in Los Angeles where she plays millions of shows and teaches. Her work in The Night Porter has been called "a fierce and unorthodox exodus - a loving betrayal of the cello." Jessica has an instrumental CD of abstract works called "Five Violincello Solos". It's an exploration in detunings, five microphones, steel wool, a metal mute, and the seventh partial, yes, yes, but in The Night Porter SHE ROCKS!!! (I *heart* MySpace)

Shahzad Ismaily is a multi-instrumentalist from New York City. He's a free spirit and an influence musically on most everyone I've spoken to who's played with him and that includes a chunk of the musical population from Peru to Iceland back here to a certain hotsy totsy basement down on Ludlow St. Aside from being a tenured scholar in bio-physics, he plays/has played with Marc Ribot, Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood, Brian Eno, and Jo Jo Mayer, to name a few. He's involved with a heap of creative music all over the globe. It's well worth looking into him further. Talk to him. You'll laugh for sure and make a new friend. The guy needs a website.

Ches Smith lives in Oakland, California and goes anywhere and everywhere on the drums, vibes and percussion: from hardcore jazz and improvisation to really fucking rockin' robo-childbash. He plays in so many projects that a list would dominate this whole spiel. To name a few: Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant, Secret Chiefs 3, and Xiu Xiu. He's worked in the studio with Tom Waits and he proudly brags of once "living a dream" by opening for Judas Priest. He's a tall, complex gent who is killing my hearing with the loudest, quietest, best drumming I've ever had the honor of being destroyed by.

Hey, the Night Porter is for YOU, baby.